Tips for Healthy Hairs and Beautiful Strands | (Know How to Maintain your hair with simple tricks.)

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Tips for Healthy Hairs and Beautiful Strands | (Know How to Maintain your hair with simple tricks.)

tips for healthy hairs

If a person experiences a ‘Bad Hair Day’, he/she might feel less confident and will get demotivated. If you feel the only way to revitalize the hair is by going to a spa, then you are mistaken. There are some ways that will help you to keep your hair healthy. But remember, just conditioning your hair for a week or applying oil for a week will not give you silky smooth hair it will take time.The following article contains some of the most helpful tips for healthy hairs. It also discusses the mistakes made in a hair care routine and easy ways to avoid them.

So what are the tips for healthy hairs?

In this article, you will see some ways that will help you to keep your hair healthy and smooth.

Eat Clean and Healthydiet for healthy hairsThe potential of eating clean and healthy is tremendous. Apart from offering you a healthy body and shining skin, it helps in nourishing your hair follicles. It’s possibly the best and beneficial method of keeping your hair healthy. Certain nutrients, such as vitamins, iron, and proteins, are vital for hair development and wellbeing. 

So what food one must include in their diet for healthy hair?

Your hair requires protein to be healthy because hairs are mainly made of protein. By eating a protein-rich diet may also help you to have strong strands. Eggs are one of the excellent sources of protein. Hair also requires some amount of iron. It will be beneficial if you add some iron contents to your diet like spinach and lentils. Having a small amount of iron in your diet can also cause hair loss. Keeping yourself hydrated will also boost the health of your hair.

SOS: Sleep on Silktips for healthy hairIf we say, just sleeping on a pillow will help in having beauty benefits; nobody will believe it, Right? But that’s false in the case of silk pillow. Various factors will make your hair frizz-free just by sleeping on silk. Silk can truly give you the beauty sleep of your dreams. 

Do silk pillowcases keep hair healthy?

So the short and sweet answer is YES, it can. Cotton pillows can rumple your hair that can further make your day a “Bad Hair Day” whereas silk is a smooth surface with less friction which is very useful to reduce tangles, frizz, and everyone’s least favorite split ends. Silk can be beneficial to your skin as well. When you wake-up you can see that, there are wrinkles on your face due to sleeping on a traditional pillow. It is said that sleeping on a smooth surface like silk will help you to reduce that facial wrinkles.

Trim… Trim… Trim….Benefit for healthy hairs Ensure that you get your hair trimmed quite often so that it will help your hair strands to stay healthy. For every girl out there, split ends are considered as their enemies as they make your healthy strand much weaker and ugly looking.

If you say that just by being more delicate with the split ends they won’t get nasty then you are wrong. The only way to stop this is to get your hair trimmed.

So the question must have arrived in your mind that how often one must get their hair trimmed?

We all have heard that cutting your hair every six weeks is a standard duration. But it can be different as per each individual. Short-sized hair must be trimmed every four to seven weeks like-wise to maintain the mid-long length that person should opt for a trim of every eight to twelve weeksHair trim further helps your hair with its growth and makes them soft and more flexible.

Conditioning in the right way

Condition your hair by applying an excellent conditioner every time after the shampoo. Conditioning re-energizes your strands with moisture. The main focus while conditioning your hair should be at the ends of your hair and not the scalp.

Just remember:

1. Never apply the conditioner on the scalp.
2.Apply the conditioner an inch away from the roots and go till the end.

Shampooing will make the hair dry and difficult to style. This post-shampoo step that is conditioning your hair will help them to become softer that will make your hair easily manageable and easy to style. This will make your hair healthy and smooth with more natural shine and will take less time to style your hair.

Just like you hydrate your face similarly, moisturize your hair with conditioner. 

Take care of Scalp as well.

While shampooing we mainly focus on washing the entire length of the hair and don’t focus on the place where the hair comes from. Yeah, you are right “THE SCALP”.

It is very important to take care of our scalp as well. When you are going for a shower, apply shampoo on your scalp, and use your fingers to give yourself a scalp massage that will help to remove dead skin cells and encourage the blood circulation that will stimulate the hair follicles. Spend some time massaging the scalp for making it a healthier place that will eventually make your hair more healthy and frizz-free.  

You can also massage the scalp with the help of light oil. Oil massage is one of the best home remedies for healthy hair. 

Oiling is Importantbest home remedies for healthy hairFor ages, hair oils have been utilized to encourage hair development. Your grandma never got tired of praising about the advantages of hair oils, Right?

It is a popular way of assuring healthy-looking hair. Oiling your hair is one of the best home remedies for healthy hair and is considered to be the best tips for healthy hairs. Massaging your hair with oil is like keeping your body fit and cherish with food.

Hair often loses hydration due to outdoor exposure that can further result in dry hair and hair fall. Oiling fora couple of minutes helps to transfer the nutrients to the scalp and will be beneficial to relieve the stress too.

Apply the oil before the day of the shower; it will be good enough to keep the hair hydrated. 

Premature graying of hair has become a common issue between youngsters. It’s because of vitamin B12 deficiency. It can be prevented by applying oil as it gives essential nutrients to the hair.

So these were some tips for healthy hairs which will help you to maintain your hair.