Why do people believe in Spot Reduction | What is Spot Reduction.

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Why do people believe in Spot Reduction | What is Spot Reduction.

spot-reductionSpot reduction is a pretty famous concept among the people who have just starting working out and the people who are looking for an easy way to lose fat. I’ve also seen a lot of professional trainers and fitness influencers online claiming to have spot reduced fat in a particular area of their body. Well you need to understand that, they do so because they want to sell a certain product or a course to the people that are desperate enough to try it out. There’s no doubt that spot reduction is a myth and trying to reduce fat from certain areas of your body will only result into more and more frustration. Even though spot reduction is an outdated concept, there are many people that still believe in it. Maybe, because their trainer said so or maybe because their will to be dedicated to a tough routine has worn out. One can have various justifications for why they believe in spot reduction, but it comes down to the fact that spot reduction is a myth.

What is Spot Reduction?

Normally the idea behind spot reduction is that, doing a specific exercise will reduce the fat in a particular region of the body, which is next to impossible! Whatever exercise you partake in, fat reduction will always be distributed throughout your body. This is also highly depended on a person’s body type. For example, men generally start losing fat from the face first, i.e. they lose fat from top to bottom. But still there may be some exceptions where people tend to store fat in specific regions of the body, depending on their body type and genetics. There is also a difference in the metabolic rate of each and every person. So there’s really no way that someone can target a specific area of their body to get rid of fat.

So, why do people believe in spot reduction?

Well, there can be multiple reasons for it. The most common reason that I’ve come across is that, when people try to lose weight for the first time they look up various exercises either on YouTube or other social media platforms. When they do so, they come across some “fitness experts” that provide them with a list of exercises that burn “BELLY FAT”. 

I’ve never understood, what these fitness experts mean when they put forward a list of “belly fat” burning exercises. Maybe they put it forward as a long term goal for their viewers, or maybe they themselves believe in spot reduction. Or maybe, they’re just trying to gain attention by providing their viewers or followers an easy way out that doesn’t even exist! Whatever it is, believing in spot reduction isn’t going to get you anywhere. You’ll probably end up frustrated and give up on the whole idea of getting fit.

There can also be a situation where a person might have tried for too long to lose some weight. But, they might not be satisfied with the outcome of their efforts. In such a situation the person might try to find an easy way of fat reduction, and that’s when they heard or learnt about spot reduction. People can also tend to go for irrelevant methods like spot reduction if they are planning to look good on a certain event or for a limited amount of time. This mindset won’t really help with weight loss, as weight loss or fitness is a gradual process and takes a lot of time and effort.

This give rise to the real question,
What can you actually do to lose fat?

You must’ve understood by now that, specific exercises do not reduce fat in specific areas of body. For example, crunches aren’t going to help you in getting rid with the fat on your belly. It will of course strengthen your core. But, that is a completely different topic. Since, there is no exercise that can help with spot reduction, why not focus on full body exercises and more compound movements. Exercises like, burpees, jumping jacks, sports, help you burn a lot of calories and are also good for your cardiovascular system. Also compound movements/exercises like, squats, deadlifts, pushups, lunges, and more, include some of the biggest muscles in our body. Also compound movements are the ones that are performed using multiple muscles at the same time. Using so many muscles at the same time will help in burning more calories and result to fat loss overtime.

Also, many people make the mistake of focusing only towards exercise and completely neglecting the fact that, diet plays an important role towards fat loss. Your body should always be calorie deficit [i.e. your daily calorie intake should be less than your daily calorie requirement]. This will force your body to use the calorie deposits that is the fat stored in your body. Just think of it this way, if you provide your body with more calories than it needs, it is definitely going to store the extra calories for later in the form of fat. To encourage your body to start utilizing the stored fat, it is important that you give your body a reason to do so. And being under calorie deficit is the only way your body will start utilizing the stored fat. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to starve yourself. Just change the quality of the foods you take right now. Try and find a healthier version of your favorite foods, and keep yourself dedicated to the process.

Spot Reduction – Myth or Fact.

At this point it should be pretty clear to you, as to why spot reduction is a myth and cannot be benefitted from under any circumstance. So giving up on the entire idea of spot reduction is the best decision you can take. You can’t treat fat loss or fitness as a short term goal. It takes a lot of effort to lose a considerable amount of fat, and believing in myths like spot reduction is only going to slow down the process. So, take wise decisions and find out what suits your body the best. Go with an approach that makes you feel comfortable. And do not get influenced by the people that are willing to lie to you for their own benefit.