How to get Bigger chest at home for boys

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How to get Bigger chest at home- Tips and Workouts (for boys)

The chest muscles or pectoral muscles better known as the ‘pecs’ are the hot topics when it comes to the strong or aesthetically pleasing male physique. Everyone would like to have bigger pecs. But, not everyone has access to the gym.
So, how to get a bigger chest at home?

Well, there are a lot of exercises that can be done at home to have a bigger chest and enhance the overall aesthetic of your body. If done right, these exercises will increase the size of your chest within a couple of months of training.

To get a bigger chest at home, it is important that the intensity and volume of your workout are increased at least every two weeks to make up for the lack of a gym. To put it simply, ‘overload= hypertrophy’. Hence, to make the process more efficient it is necessary to increase the intensity and volume of your workout on a regular basis. Also, just for the sake of it, we will assume that that chest is divided into 3 parts- Upper, middle, lower. This is important because it will help you in targeting these parts separately with different exercises. Targeting these different parts of your pecs separately will help you in gaining an overall volume in the pectoral region.

Let’s get into list of home workouts for a bigger chest.

I. Pushups

how-to-do-pushupEven though the exercises in this list are a variation of the standard or traditional pushup exercise, it would be a mistake to not add the traditional pushups to the list. The standard push up will help in getting adapted to the general movement of chest exercise.

Pushups are a great exercise to target the entirety of the chest. Push Ups will give an overall growth and strength to your chest. So let’s take look at the steps for performing pushups.

How to do pushups?

  1. Get down on all four limbs and straighten your arms and legs.
  2. Place your palm under your shoulders.
  3. Now bend your elbows to lower your upper body so as to touch the ground with your chest.
  4. Then push yourself back into the starting position.

If at all, you have a problem with progressing towards a perfect pushup check out the article link below.

The following article will help you through the most difficult part of progressing towards doing a pushup with good form.

II. Inclined Pushup

how-to-do-inclined-pushupThis variation of the standard pushup exercise focuses more on the lower part of the chest. The lower part of the chest is a bit difficult to grow. Hence, the inclined pushups are a great addition to your routine. The inclined pushups are less difficult to perform than the regular pushups, but still very effective making it one of the best home workout for a bigger chest.

How to do Inclined Pushups?

  1. Stand with your face towards the bench. Lean on the bench with your hands straight out.
  2. Keep your hands on the bench comma shoulder-width apart. Keep your head straight to help with the form.
  3. Stretch your legs away from the bench. Embrace your core to support your back.
  4. Bend your elbows and take your chest towards the bench.
  5. Now push through the bench and get back to the starting position.

III. Declined Pushups

This push up variant is one of my favorite workouts. The declined Pushups give your upper chest and shoulders great volume and aesthetic. A few weeks of performing this exercise will make you look good in your clothes! Declined Pushups is a comparatively difficult exercise but gives you good results. It’s worth the struggle. So why not!

How to do Decline pushups?

  1. Get down on all fours with the bench behind you.
  2. Place your feet on the bench making an angle of around 45with the ground.
  3. Now bending your elbows, take your chest down towards the floor keeping your head and neck straight.
  4. Then push yourself back into the starting positions.

IV. Knuckle Pushups

how-to-do-knuckle pushupThe knuckle pushups are a delight with a lot more benefits than you can expect from an exercise like this. It conditions your knuckles, is more tricep oriented and takes a lot of load off your back and adds it to the chest muscles. This slight change in the hand position greatly and positively affects the efficiency of the exercise.

With so many benefits , there’s no reason to not include this workout in your routine.

How to do Knuckle pushups?

  1. The body position for the knuckle pushups is the same as standard pushups. Just, make sure to support your weight on your fists and not on your open palms.
  2. Place your fists exactly shoulder-width apart.
  3. Bend your elbows and go down slowly. Make sure to keep your elbows close to your body. Take it slow, so that you don’t injure yourself.
  4. Push through the ground and get back into the starting position. Repeat

You may find knuckle pushups difficult at first. So, put down a mat or use dumbbells as a support in the beginning.

V. One-leg Pushups

The one-leg pushups are a dynamic version of the standard pushups with a better muscle activation. You need to alternatingly lift one of your legs off the ground. This means you’ll have to try harder to balance your body weight. This gives a fantastic muscle activation. You will be able to feel the struggle of maintaining the balance that causes the better muscle activation. These benefits make this exercise one of the most important home workouts to work on your chest muscles. 

How to do One-leg pushups?

  1. Assume the position of a regular pushup.
  2. Now lift one of your legs off the ground and keep it suspended in the air. You can also rest it on the other leg if you want.
  3. Go down while bending your elbows. Push through the ground and get back into the starting position.
  4. Put back the suspended leg back into the original position.
  5. Repeat, alternatingly with both the legs.

It’s completely normal if you find this exercise difficult of first. Perform fewer reps and gradually work your way through it. Overall, it is a great workout to build a bigger chest at home

VI. Wide Pushups

how- to-do-wide-pushupsSaving the best for the last. Right?
The Wide pushups are (in my opinion) the toughest exercise on this list of home workouts. It is the perfect answer for the question- How to get a bigger chest at home?
Well, the pushups are the best home workout to work on your chest muscles. This is an intense exercise that needs a bit more strength than normal to pull off a couple reps. As the name suggest, the palm position is wider than usual in this exercise. This increases the involvement of chest muscles by reducing the stress on the triceps.

This exercise may seem intimidating, but is not all that tough. Let’s take a look at the steps to perform this exercise.

How to do Wide pushups?

  1. Start with the regular pushup position and shift your palms a few inches out from shoulder width.
  2. Go down bending your elbows until your upper arms are parallel to the ground.
  3. Push through the ground and get back into the starting position.
  4. Repeat.

Now that the list for home workouts is complete, there are a few things you need to consider before starting with the routine or the ‘quest for a bigger chest’ (Did not expect that to rhyme)

Things to consider

Since, you’ll be working out at home or at some place that isn’t a gym, you need to focus on getting in those extra reps.

It isn’t easy to increase the volume of a workout when working out without equipments. Hence, performing those extra reps will be helpful for sure.

Also, do not rush through the exercises. Keep it slow and simple. Rushing the workout can result to some serious shoulder injuries. Always keep your form in check, especially in knuckle pushups and wide pushups. These are the more tricky ones.

 So, here’s the secret on how to get a bigger chest at home. With all the possible mistakes acknowledged , it is time for you to go all out and get those beautiful pecs you’ve dreamt of. Just make sure to not rest more than 40 secs between sets  and 90 secs between exercises. Don’t be a sissy!

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