Effects of Masturbation on Muscle Growth | Does it really affects muscles ?

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Effects of Masturbation on Muscle Growth | Does it really affects muscles ?

effects-of-masturbationThere are a lot of myths and facts out there on this topic, one contradicting the other. This article too isn’t going to be any different. As much as I would want to give the most perfect answer to this question, I wouldn’t be able to do it. So I better not pretend to be “Mr. know it all”, as it won’t be fair for the one reading this article. The points which are going to be discussed further in this article are just some of my opinions based on personal experience and research papers I’ve read online.

Frankly, the majority of the people having this doubt has to be males. The reason being that, ejaculation for males is very “expensive” considering the process of sperm production. Also testosterone being a direct link between sexual activities and muscle growth, makes it even more important for a man to know whether or not his me-time is going to hamper with his gains. So for the following article I’m going to make an attempt at answering the question – DOES MASTURBATION AFFECT MUSCLE GROWTH? To answer this question we first need to understand the role of testosterone in both masturbation and muscle growth.

Role of testosterone in masturbation –

Testosterone is the most prominent hormone involved with a man’s sexuality and hence has a lot to do with masturbation and other sexual activities. Testosterone is released during sexual activities to boost stamina. An increase in the level of testosterone can also be better for arousal. Even though the changes in the levels of testosterone during a sexual activity is considerable, the levels get back to normal within a few minutes of sexual inactivity.

Role of testosterone in muscle growth-

Testosterone induces muscle growth in the body. Testosterone is also released in substantial amounts when we exercise the bigger muscle groups in our body, like the leg muscles. Testosterone also promotes other hormones like the growth hormone. That explains the pace of increasing height in teenage boys.

Since testosterone is such a big deal, it must definitely be a mistake to masturbate before working out or to masturbate at all. Well, I don’t think so. Masturbation surely increases the levels of testosterone in your body but that isn’t long lasting. The effect wares off as quickly as it surfaced. The testosterone levels get back to normal, almost instantly after you’re done masturbating. And the testosterone fluctuations aren’t going to fidget with your muscle gains. According to me the problem doesn’t lie in the testosterone fluctuations, the real problem is the dopamine release after masturbation.


DOPAMINE, is a kind of a reward hormone that is released when you accomplish a goal or a target. This hormone is also released after ejaculation. The dopamine kick is the feeling that makes you want to masturbate again. The problem with dopamine being released after masturbation is that, you will most likely be demotivated to achieve any goals or complete a particular target for the day, as you’ve already received a reward from your body via dopamine.

Of course it’s completely up to your will power, but dopamine is known to demotivate a person from other tasks at hand. That’s what you need to look out for.

So, the best advice I can give to you is, do not masturbate right before the time you’re going to work out. Make sure that you’ve gotten your rest and feel fresh to be hitting the gym after the session you’ve had with yourself. It’s most likely that you won’t able to give your best, if try to work out right after you masturbate.

One easy way to stop yourself from masturbating is to make your mind and body work hard for the dopamine kick its craving. Don’t give in to easy ways like masturbation. Set some goals for a week. Complete them giving your hundred percent and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So now, does masturbation cause muscle loss? I can’t think of a way it can, but it can surely decrease the intensity of your work out if you don’t time it properly. Also with less amount of energy, working out will put your body through a lot of stress. So just make sure you don’t masturbate right before your workout and you should be fine.

But there’s just one more factor that bugs me, and I’m not quite sure if I’m right about it. I’ll share it anyways and you decide whether or not you resonate with the idea. For a human male sperm production is quite expensive in terms of the nutrients needed for it. The amount of protein required to make up for semen lost due to an ejaculation is pretty high as compared to other nutrients. Also, reproduction is a priority when it comes down to basic survival instincts. So the human body will definitely prioritize the production of semen before muscle repair when it comes to it. The nutrients or the protein you consume will be directed towards the recovery of the semen lost, thus preparing the body to be ready for reproduction as soon as possible. There’s a possibility that the muscle repair maybe delayed in order to utilize the available nutrients for semen or sperm production. With this said, I don’t find any other problem with masturbation that affect muscle building and I don’t see how masturbation is harmful for muscle gains other than the reasons I’ve mentioned.

So that’s it. Those are my views on how masturbation can affect muscle growth. I would be very glad if this article helped you even slightly. There are a lot of theories and myths on the internet regarding this topic. So I greatly suggest you to find out what suits you the best. If masturbation is something that helps you push your limits at the gym, so be it. If masturbation is not something you like doing before working out, don’t do it. It’s completely up to you and your own experience. Don’t create a set of rules for yourself just because someone said so. Use the information I’ve provided in this article to better your understanding towards the whole situation. How does masturbation affect muscle growth? Think about your own views on this. Think about how your body responds, and then come to conclusions.

On that note, I’ll end this article here. I hope that you take the right decisions and make the best of the time and tools you’re provided with.